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ROMOSAis managed as an organization technologically modern and as innovative as possible.

The body of that organization is made up of a systematic administration of people, goods and services that meet policies and principles rationally intertwined.

The policies to mantain the organization include:
  • Promoting a culture of innovation and continuous improvement through design and management based on reliable information appropriately interlaced,
  • Promoting leadership in management,
  • Optimizing customer loyalty and market positioning, and
  • Operating while considering social welfare in and outside the company.
In order to maintain management:
  • Present clear lines of authority and state logical responsibilities,
  • Use established channels for interpersonal relationships,
  • Set an example of compliance with the rules for business development,
  • Maintain discipline in the work area,
  • Encourage the staff to be creative and productive
  • Encourage their initiative and motivate their actions, and
  • Safeguard its physical integrity.





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