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If we agree that corporate social responsibility (CSR) is a non philanthropic, active and voluntary contribution for the social, economic and environmental improvement, which creates and promotes an autonomous morality and a civilized self-control, and whose exercise goes beyond the laws and rules appropriately established, then it is the job of each member of the Company to make its best contribution to this cause under the direction and supervision of the exercise of this responsibility by the area of Industrial Relations.

Major ethical responsibilities
  • Serving the society with useful products that are in good conditions.
  • Creating wealth in the most efficient way possible
  • Work in decent conditions that favor occupational safety and health and the human and professional development of workers
  • Ensure the continuity of the company and, if possible, attain a reasonable growth.
  • Respect the environment avoiding, when possible, any type of contamination by minimizing waste generation and rationalizing the use of natural and energy resources.
  • Comply with laws, regulations, norms and customs, while respecting the legitimate contracts and commitments made.

Major tasks
  • Monitoring compliance with relevant legislation.
  • Maintaining business ethics and fighting against corruption.
  • Supervising working and health conditions of workers.
  • Monitoring the management of resources and waste.
  • Checking the company's energy efficiency.
  • Proper use of water.
  • Combating climate change.
  • Evaluating environmental and social risks.
  • Monitoring the adequacy of the supply chain.
  • Design and implementation of partnership and collaboration strategies of the company
  • Getting consumers, local communities and the society involved in the effort to maintain CSR.
  • Engaging employees in good CSR practices.
  • Marketing of corporate reputation.




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